Saturday, March 7, 2009

Socialized medicine at Duke Medical?

God bless the organization "Conservatives for Patients Rights." Our country is in big trouble if we let the Obama administration loose. High end medical clinics seem to be preparing for universal health care.

Whoo. Slow down, Duke University Medical. Not so quick . . .

I am concerned that I am experiencing President Obama's dream of socialized medicine (universal health care) at Duke University Medical

Although I trust dad's Duke orthopedic surgeon (and I cannot stress that enough), my dad is being blocked out from care with his orthopedic surgeon.

Dad had pins placed in his foot in November 2008. I work every day with dad. I help him exercise, I help him ambulate, I clean his foot wounds.

I get no cooperation from Duke Medical -- except from dad's incredible physical therapist.

What do I mean by no cooperation?

1. No one checks dad's infection (which costs him to lose a large portion of his foot).

2. Dad is in a great deal of pain because one of the pins (placed by the orthopedic surgeon at Duke) is sipping out and embedding into an unintended portion of his foot. I have explained this to Duke orthopedics. Silence. The silence is deafening. Guidance? None.

3. I have agreed to stop my treatments at Duke so that Duke orthopedics can focus completely on my dad.

Let's review:

1. Dad is 75 years old and is fighting Stage 4 cancer.

2. Dad suffered a tremendous infection in his foot (because the Duke Hospitalist did not culture the foot infection during a two-week August 2008 Duke hospitalization.) This infection makes dad non weight bearing on the left foot and frankly infections are not a great idea for cancer patients.

3, The Obama administration intends to utilize a federal medical board which will review the computerized medical records and make a decision about the patient's mandated treatment plan. That Board will tell the doctor and surgeon what treatment can be rendered to the patient. If the physician ignores the federal board then he or she does not get paid. If the physician obeys the federal mandate the he or she gets paid and, in addition, the physician is immune from a medical malpractice action.

4. My dad is old and sick. Under universal health care, dad (and Ted Kennedy and Arlene Spector) would probably not receive medical care. These elderly cancer patients would be ignored by the medical community and left to die. Is Duke Medical trying to prepare for the inevitable?

Hey, it is about cost effectiveness!

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