Monday, March 23, 2009

Perhaps some hope with Duke Medical

Thank goodness for Brian Evans, MD (dad's urologist). He is an incredible physician, surgeon and human being.

Dr. Evans went out of his way to contact an Infectious Disease physician at Duke Medical. Dr. Evans knew that dad needed the ID clearance before the Duke orthopedic surgeon would complete the surgery on dad's foot. And, Dr. Evans appreciated the fact that the ID Fellow who followed dad during the 3-week November 2008 hospitalization told me (in January 2009) that dad did not need any further ID treatment.

But dad's foot looks bad.

Dr. Evans sent a referral request to Dr. Sexton at Duke. OMG. I could not believe that Dr. Sexton actually telephoned me personally today and discussed dad's condition. Dr. Evans was so right about Dr. Sexton. He is a good man.

So, Dr. Sexton tells me that he has been "on call" and has only a few clinic openings. Dr. Sexton promised me that he would help dad. I told Dr. Sexton that dad's foot looks bad and I am doing the best I can to keep the foot clean.

Dr. Sexton said I just have to give him 48 hours. Please. Dad has been ignored for much more than 48 hours. No problem . . . he could have a week and I'd be thrilled.

Dad may not see Dr. Sexton until next week. Dad understands that short delay and is thrilled to see everything progressing.

I can understand how dad would begin to think that he will never get past the physical condition he is currently in. Dad was "promised" that he would have surgery by now.

I told Dr. Sexton that I was leaving on Wednesday of this week to see an orthopedic surgeon at Northwestern in Chicago (pray for me). Ahhh . . . Dr. Sexton went to Northwestern University Medical School. Pretty cool how small the world is.

I even got the Duke orthopedic surgeon's office to understand the level of pain dad is in and how dad has needed pain medications for some time. Unbelievable. A script will be ready for me to pick up on Tuesday.

As background ---- I kept calling for weeks and leaving messages for the Duke orthopedic surgeon's PA. I learned today that the PA is no longer with that office. Maybe that explains the office ignoring my pleas for help for my dad.

I liked the orthopedic surgeon's first PA. Great person. But some weird stuff happened as far back as December 2007 with this second PA.

[i.e. The surgeon telling the second PA at the end of a 12/07 office appointment to arrange a neurologist consult for me in contemplation of surgery and PA does nothing. Then two months later when I suggest the neurologist that treats me for migraines, a note appears for the surgeon (prepared by someone other than the surgeon) that completely falsely claimed I made up the need for neurologist and surgeon never contemplated surgery and that I failed to comply with another doctor's recommendations!]

That note to the Duke orthopedic surgeon effectively ruined my patient/physician relationship with the orthopedic surgeon (whom I think the world of) and my neurologist (who now thinks that I made up the need for the EMG/nerve conduction studies). Very much a bummer.

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