Monday, March 9, 2009

Obama & universal health care

Obama made grandiose promises about universal health care. What is it that people want? What is it that people expect?

Do some people in this country actually think that Obama can create a plan so that everyone gets all of the medical care that their hearts desire? GROW UP.

Obama is not your dad. He cannot and will not make all of your wishes come true. Moreover, no one is entitled to free, state of the art medical care for every sniffle.

The only one that benefited from last week's Health Care Summit is David Snow Jr (Medco Health Systems CEO).

Despite a tragic stock market last week, MHS stock closed up last week. Curious. I wonder if Tom Daschle bought any of that stock.

MHS is the administrator of Medicare Part D. Ask any pharmacist what he or she thinks of Medco.

Today I reveiwed my dad's Medicare statement. The radiologist group showed a Medicare write-off from $989 to $450. What is that? What is the actual cost of the procedure?

Number One: We need transparency in health care costs.

Number Two: Bad doctors must be disciplined. Bad doctors cause hospital readmissions and needless suffering.

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