Saturday, March 7, 2009

Medco (MHS) stock value is rising (odd?)

Here is an interesting tid-but . . . while other stocks are tanking and selling at less than $1.00/share . . . David Snow, Jr's company (Medco Health Solutions) had a pretty good week!

Who is buying Medco? Does the increase in stock value have anything to do with Attorney and member of BOD of Medco (Nancy-Ann DeParle) joining the Obama health care reform team?

I see a serious conflict of interest with Medco BODs being in the White House. Who is this Nancy-Ann DeParle? Why isn't anyone talking about the connection?

(1) Universal health care -->
(2) Tom Daschle -->
(3) Medco CEO David Snow, Jr -->
(4) Attorney and member of Medco BOD Nancy-Ann DeParle

Why on Earth are all of the physicians and surgeons in this country allowing this to happen?

David L. Snow, Jr (CEO of Medco) loves Medicare Part D. Medco is a pharmaceutical reimbursement company. If you check the back of your Medicare Prescription Card, you will probably see the name "Medco."

Snow is buddies with Tom Daschle. And Tom Daschle (per his dream as memorialized in the book "Critical") would like to see a single payer, universal health care system.

Snow was undoubtedly drooling with excitement (because his $14M salary is junk change) at the thought of Daschle being able to start the "Critical" dream. You can bet that David Snow would have been standing right there to get the "single payer" deal -- just like Medco did with Medicare Part D.

Now that Attorney and member of Medco Board of Directors Nancy-Ann DeParle is in the White House and primed to help Daschle and Medco's dream come to fruition . . . it looks like David L. Snow, Jr. can rest easy.

C'mon doctors. I know you just want to practice medicine. But that naive attitude is going to kill us all and ruin your careers.

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