Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hooray - Conservatives for Patients' Rights

God bless Rick Scott. This courageous and informed American has organized "Conservative for Patients' Rights"

Conservatives for Patients' Rights is a non-profit, 501 c(3) organization dedicated to educating and informing the public about the principles of patients rights and, in doing so, advancing the debate over health care reform. Those principles include choice, competition, accountability and responsibility. We believe the path to effective health care reform must be based on the patient-doctor relationship and not from a top-down, big government perspective. Anything that interferes with an individual’s freedom to consult their doctor of choice to make health care decisions defeats the purpose of meaningful health care reform.


I personally have no health care at this time. I am a cancer patient and can only qualify for a state based high risk pool. And that coverage is very expensive. There is a waiting list for that coverage. I cannot get health insurance (not even temporary coverage) for the gap period.

I feel very irresponsible by not having health insurance. But under no circumstances would I advocate for universal, socialized health care.

Government -- stay away out of the health care system.

Government -- stay away from the physician-patient relationship.

Government -- stay away from my medical records. I don't mind my doctors seeing the medical records on the medical facilities' computer server. But why the heck would Washington DC need to see my medical records unless some bureaucrat was planning to make medical decisions for my doctors!

Where is the government when "bad doctors" should be disciplined (like orthopedic surgeon Chris Dangles, M.D.)? If the government refuses to monitor the bad acts of the physicians that treat us then how the heck can we expect the government to coordinate and implement universal health care.

Everyone needs to do something to stop Obama's dream of universal health care.


  1. "I personally have no health care at this time. I am a cancer patient and can only qualify for a state based high risk pool. And that coverage is very expensive."

    Wow, another ignorant conservative cutting their own throat. When are you people going to turn off Rush Limbaugh and think for yourselves. Don't you get it. Don't you know Rush makes more money in a year then you will ever see in your life time. Rush IS BIG BUSINESS... Of course you can't afford health coverage because it's too expensive. These large corporations will try to squeeze every dollar out of the healthy public while at the same time deny 'sick people' coverage.

    Wake up - someone with your condition should think their lucky stars for the safety net of social funds.. (i.e govt)

    Conservatives want to spend social funds for war and personal protection but not for economic protection. It's all connected. If you want small govt get rid of everything - including, roads, military, internet, clean water, clean food. We live in the best country in the world and someone's got to pay for it. I make more money than the avg person and pay my fair share of taxes and when I'm lucky enough to have another comma on my pay check I'll be happy to increase my tax burden.

    If you're lucky enough to take advantage of all the great resources this country has offer, and making 20+ million a year like Rush Limbaugh you should pay a larger portion of the tax bill, if you don't the middle class will continue to shrink.

    I hope you get well soon. Keep us posted on your Cancer treatments. Sorry, for calling you ignorant. I was annoyed when I started this post but not I feel better :-) - E

  2. Hey Earl. Thanks for the comments.

    Normally I do not respond to personal insults. It really is not very nice to call someone "ignorant." But I appreciate your opinion and pray for your health.

    I am very big on accountability and personal responsibility. I have no problem being a part of a state based high risk pool. The plans are administered by private companies and are terrifically expensive. I CAN afford the premiums because I have family that pitches in and helps me. That is what families are for.

    I distinguish high risk pools from public aid (although I qualify for public aid, I believe it would be unethical to accept it when I have family that is available to help me).

    God bless and hold close those who have no family or friends that help out in tough times. The state must be the safety net for those without any other resources.

    Thank God for my family. I believe the family should be the "first responder safety net" instead of the government.

    And family help is a two way street.

    I have devoted the last few years of my life to caring for my very sick dad. He has stage 4 cancer (colon met to liver). I take him to PT 3x/week and feed, bathe and keep him active. Dad would have died in a nursing home.

    I have witnessed the first stage of socialized (Obama) medicine. It is called "hospitalists" and they are intended to be costs effective and get patients out of the hospital. They do this at the expense of ever really knowing the patient's medical history. It is dangerous and it costs lives. Literally.

    If Obama is successful, there will be computerized medical records that will be viewed by bureauocrats in DC. A medical board (similar to the federal reserve and the British system "NICE") will determine what medical procedures patients can get.

    I firmly believe that the federal medical board would deny PT for my 75 year old dad with Stage 4 cancer. The board will also deny his foot surgery to replace bone and tissue lost by medical oversight. Dad is retired. He does not contribute to society. To the federal government, dad would be a needless expense.

    Please read Daschle's book "Critical." Daschle actually says that older Americans should stop expecting medical treatment.

    God bless you. Stay strong. Stay healthy.