Monday, March 30, 2009

Holding apartment complex responsible as I caregive

I reiterate that when you are considering an apartment home, you would be wise to consider the "worst case scenario."

And, in that regard, I strongly discourage anyone from renting from an apartment managed by BH Management (headquartered in Texas). I specifically strongly discourage anyone from renting an apartment at "Brookdale on the Park" on Naperville, Illinois.

When my father was tremendously ill, I was with him in North Carolina. The doctor told me that he should not be left alone. Someone needed to be with dad 24/7. I did not want to put dad in a nursing home and so I stayed with him 24/7.

For the first time ever (and I never missed a rent payment), BH Management and Brookdale on the Park wanted a certified check for the rental payment. I explained that I could not leave dad alone at all. I explained the problem I had. They simply did not care. I could have wired the money to the apartment complex or BH Management. I could have given a credit card number. Nope. No way. Huh? I lived there for more than 5 years! I always paid my rent!

In the event you ever have a family crisis, you deserve to know that the people you pay $1200/month will have some element of human decency.

I am exploring my options in terms of that company's treatment of me. I expect accountability. I demand it. Stay tuned . . .

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