Monday, March 16, 2009

Duke orthopedic surgeon should take a cue from Coach K

I missed an opportunity at a job interview because dad is not doing great. Bummer. I wish Duke Medical would help my dad so that I could move on with my life.

Same old, same old. Dad is oriented to self, date, time, place. He just hurts. Dad's foot hurts badly. There is no point in my trying to get in touch with his Duke Medical physicians because, in a word, they do not listen to me.

I am grateful for the Duke Physical Therapist. It is very hard for me to get dad out to PT but that man helps dad to realize that life is worth living.

Okay. The bedside commode issue. These bedside commode pieces of crap are fine if your loved one is weak. But dad is very strong in his upper body and when he moves (as he is supposed to move) to the commode, the whole damn thing moves with him. Poor guy. I wish there was a way to bolt the bedside commode to the ground.

Dad is looking forward to PT and to seeing his urologist on Friday.

Hopefully now that the Duke orthopedic surgeon is back in town, he will be as successful as the Duke Basketball Team was in their efforts against Florida State in the ACC tournament.

It was the Duke orthopedic surgeon who made the initial game plan and his "players" (at Infectious Disease) dropped the ball. It is late in the game.

Dad is losing hope in the game plan and in life.

The "coach" at Duke orthopedic surgery needs to redefine the game strategy and tell his players (Infectious Disease) the winning play!

Let's go (medical) team.

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