Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dear Rush Limbaugh & - I'm trying!

I am copying a comment and my reply to that comment. I absolutely respect lively debate on issues. "Earl" called me "ignorant" because I am grateful for Mr. Rick Scott and his venture (Conservatives for Patient Safety) and because I am a fan of Mr. Rush Limbaugh.

It is time that we acknowledge the importance and sanctity of the medical profession. Socialized medicine does nothing except marginalize the science of medicine and discourage bright young scholars from joining its ranks. Doctors are not a commodity. There are good ones. There are really, really bad ones.

If we allow the federal government to establish and utilize a federal medical board to dictate to doctors the appropriate treatment then we are effectively telling doctors not to take risks and not to "hope" for clinical success. It is that "hope" that Obama promised and that has resulted in medical breakthroughs and new cancer treatments.

1. It is time that bad doctors be disciplined. If patients know that bad doctors are being held accountable then there will be fewer lawsuits.

2. It is time to eliminate the hospitalist program model and replace it with a system that respects the patient, patient safety and continuity of care.

And now, on to the comment (do I seem ignorant of the issues?)
"I personally have no health care at this time. I am a cancer patient and can only qualify for a state based high-risk pool. And that coverage is very expensive."

Wow, another ignorant conservative cutting their own throat. When are you people going to turn off Rush Limbaugh and think for yourselves. Don't you get it. Don't you know Rush makes more money in a year then you will ever see in your life time. Rush IS BIG BUSINESS... Of course you can't afford health coverage because it's too expensive. These large corporations will try to squeeze every dollar out of the healthy public while at the same time deny 'sick people' coverage.

Wake up - someone with your condition should think their lucky stars for the safety net of social funds.. (i.e govt)

Conservatives want to spend social funds for war and personal protection but not for economic protection. It's all connected. If you want small govt get rid of everything - including, roads, military, internet, clean water, clean food. We live in the best country in the world and someone's got to pay for it. I make more money than the avg person and pay my fair share of taxes and when I'm lucky enough to have another comma on my pay check I'll be happy to increase my tax burden.

If you're lucky enough to take advantage of all the great resources this country has offer, and making 20+ million a year like Rush Limbaugh you should pay a larger portion of the tax bill, if you don't the middle class will continue to shrink.

I hope you get well soon. Keep us posted on your Cancer treatments. Sorry, for calling you ignorant. I was annoyed when I started this post but not I feel better :-) - E

March 4, 2009 2:49 PM

Think about it - everything the government runs, it runs poorly (post Office, Department of Motor Vehicles, Inner City Schools). This is my reply to Earl.
Hey Earl. Thanks for the comments.

Normally I do not respond to personal insults. It really is not very nice to call someone "ignorant." But I appreciate your opinion and pray for your health.

I am very big on accountability and personal responsibility. I have no problem being a part of a state based high risk pool. The plans are administered by private companies and are terrifically expensive. I CAN afford the premiums because I have family that pitches in and helps me. That is what families are for.

I distinguish high-risk pools from public aid (although I qualify for public aid, I believe it would be unethical to accept it when I have family that is available to help me).

God bless and hold close those who have no family or friends that help out in tough times. The state must be the safety net for those without any other resources.

Thank God for my family. I believe the family should be the "first responder safety net" instead of the government.

And family help is a two way street.

I have devoted the last few years of my life to caring for my very sick dad. He has stage 4 cancer (colon met to liver). I take him to PT 3x/week and feed, bathe and keep him active. Dad would have died in a nursing home.

I have witnessed the first stage of socialized (Obama) medicine. It is called "hospitalists" and they are intended to be costs effective and get patients out of the hospital. They do this at the expense of ever really knowing the patient's medical history. It is dangerous and it costs lives. Literally.

If Obama is successful, there will be computerized medical records that will be viewed by bureaucrats in DC. A medical board (similar to the federal reserve and the British system "NICE") will determine what medical procedures patients can get.

I firmly believe that the federal medical board would deny PT for my 75-year-old dad with Stage 4 cancer. The board will also deny his foot surgery to replace bone and tissue lost by medical oversight. Dad is retired. He does not contribute to society. To the federal government, dad would be a needless expense.

Please read Daschle's book "Critical." Daschle actually says that older Americans should stop expecting medical treatment.

God bless you. Stay strong. Stay healthy.
I am a proud conservative who is not rich.


  1. All of our health decisions are currently being made by insurance companies. The reason the GOP does not want government in our health care system is because they themselves represent big business and owns, invest and makes millions from giant insurance companies. Has anyone here ever been treated in a hospital or clinic outside the U.S.? Has anyone here been in an emergency room in the U.S.? If you have, you recognize these scare tactics for what they are.
    Personally, in these tough times, I do appreciate the need to protect your investment.

  2. Tami: The Obama/Daschle/David Snow/DeParle plan is based upon rationing of medical care. The Stimulus Package hid in the money necessary to establish a Federal Medical Board. The Board will be a group (probably in DC) that will make health decision about your care. If you have not read Daschle's book "Critical" then you should. The insurance companies are currently working with Obama. Those companies aren't going anywhere.

    When you are in a US hospital, you are likely treated by a "Stranger Doctor" (hospitalists). This is to get you used to a stranger making decisions about your health care. Obama actually thinks personal docs need to back off at some time bc those doctors know the pts personally and therefore may rely too much on "HOPE" (ionic since Obama is the president of Hope).

    The GOP does not want the US government running our health care bc the US government has NEVER run any organization efficiently. Medicare is going broke. SS is likewise broke. Public education is horrible. Even many towns hire their own police and fire departments.

    We aren't talking about scare tactics. We are talking about strangers rationing medical care (esp for the elderly).

    Please read Conservatives for Patient

    Thanks for your input. Stay healthy.

  3. I am a ex-Canadian physician and "conservative". I left Canada due to government invasion of physician's ability to provide service. But, I was able to get things done (there ARE ways!)The quality of Candian Dr.s is second to none. However, I encountered even worse problems dealing with profit motivated insurance co's in the U.S. which has resulted in severe injury and disabilty to some of my patients from "denial of service" this is unconscionable. The solution?: Neither the government nor the "profit motivated" (no the "wealthy Dr.'s" concept is wrong. Try getting the gov't or the insurance co's to pay.) I've seen many independent Dr.s leave practice due to extreme expense and LOW pay!) Perhaps some independent truly "non-profit" org. (no mill. $ CEO's) to handle health care? Or just pay the Doc directly - not the ins. premium - then carry "Major Medical" only? American health should NOT be under the INdiscretion of anyone. Additionally, "CPRights" adds are bogus "case studies". I don't buy it. I've "been-there-done-that". It's tough any way you look. Thanks, Dr. B

  4. Idiot Americans should look into who this Mr Scott really is. If they did they would find a Typical Neo-con Con man Criminal. Does anybody understand that millions and millions of American slaves would be set free if America had universal healthcare...? The Corporations are paying for the "Anti-universal " Healthcare plan...Why..? The American people are being mislead everyday with this ,it's time the American idiots wake up.... Pledge to not be mislead with these "Scare tactics" The neo-con Criminals like to use..Please People..

  5. I have cancer and am not working right now (so cannot get group coverage) because I am caring for an elderly dad with cancer. Until the STATE I live in established a high risk pool for the uninsurable, I had ZERO coverage. I did not want Medicaid because, frankly, my middle class family can suck it up to pay the bills and the ones I cannot pay, I talk with the doctors.

    YES. You are ultimately responsible for your family's health. When your children are sick, either you or or wife should stay home with them. My dad is sick and my professional life is on hold while I care for him.

    Medical costs are crazy. But the changes need to be with the insurance companies. Single payer means government! And what on Earth has the government ever managed or run that has worked? Like MDWhistleblower has said, our healthcare will be run like your state's DMV.

    There must be transparency in medical costs. An x-ray should cost the same to the patient whether the patient has no insurance or BCBS.

    The single payer for Medicare Part D is Medco. That company is run by CEO David Snow, Jr. Snow put Nancy Ann DeParle on Medco's BOD last Fall when it became clear that Daschle would never pass congressional scrutiny.

    DeParle gets put in as the "Healthcare Reform Czar" - that is a position that needs zero congressional confirmation. No President in US history has named so many "czars" to run programs -- and it that way the Congress (and you and I) are completely left out!!

    Medicare Part D is a disaster. But Medco (ie David Snow and board member DeParle) are getting richer off the backs of the elderly in that ridiculous "single payer system."

    COMPETITION is the cornerstone of America. I agree the system is broken. But there is fraud at the insurance and pharmaceutical level. We need to clean up that fraud as opposed to allowing the federal government to take over yet another part of our lives.

    Allan - I would love to know your thoughts about what America could do.

    Tami - I think you are off base. Many in the GOP want reform. I think the reform needs to be with the corrupt, back room deal making of insurance companies and pharmeceutical companies. An RX can cost $100 if I have Medicare Part D but $5 if I have BCBS. What is that? The companies all make deals about pricing. And, if you are uninsured, you pay the premium dollar! That makes the least sense!

    Thanks to all of you that have contributed to this important issue on my blog. I have been side tracked by dad's recent surgery and have been bad about communicating.

    Stay healthy!

  6. Let me be as clear as i can - i think insurance & pharm companies are the major reason for the crazy high med costs. DeParle wants a fed med board ($ was in stimulus pkg) & those strangers will decide if you r worthy of med care. May not matter to u today. But when u r 70, it will be a big issue.

  7. Thx for ur comments. I think u r wrong on the med board - daschle discussed in his book. He and David Snow thhink doctors HOPE too much & that costs $ to keep elderly alive. That is scary

  8. I don't think Dr's hope too much, but they're in no position to tell a family to stop treating an elderly person, or to refuse to do so. They need to be able to speak the truth, sometimes there's no point in putting someone through months of dignity-destroying hospital-based torture, when they're only going to die, anyway.

    Also, while a medical board may evaluate the efficacy of different treatments, or in your scenario, decide what treatments are available, insurance companies do the same thing, looking for any possible reason to refuse to pay for treatment. In either scenario, someone with the monetary resources will be able to buy any treatment, but the rest of us get the treatment that some board of 'strangers' decides on. That's how it works now, so I don't see what's so scary about a gov't board doing it. At least they're not trying to protect some executive's billion dollar paycheck.

  9. Being a computer consultant, I am sorry to inform those that think Obama would start the Electronic Health Records. I have installed many in the last eight years pre-Obama. It was legislated way before Obama.

  10. I frankly do not care when the legislation started. I do not even care if Ronald Regan suggested it! It is a terrible idea. There is not reason for health or medical records to go beyond a clinic and its related hospital. There is absolutely no reason for the records to go further.

    I had a "bad doctor" (Chris Dangles, MD and Stafford Henry, MD) give my records to those who had no business having them -- the result -- my mental health records are on the Public Internet! I never signed a release.

    Computers are about as secure as a teenage girl's ability to keep a secret. Patients have a right to privacy. The risk of EMR and EHR far outweigh any conceivable benefit . . . unless we are preparing for the Federal Medical Board to dictate our health (as provided for in the Stimulus Law).

    Thank you for your contribution.