Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Would Ted Kennedy & Arlene Spector receive medical care?

Who exactly placed the health care changes into the Stimulus Bill? I heard Senator (R-PA) Arlen Spector on television this morning actually say that there is no way to determine who put the health provisions into the bill?

How old is Spector? Does he have cancer? More on that later . . .

Huh? Aren't there recorded committee meetings? Did the secretary just start typing from Daschle's book "Critical"?

What does 77 year old cancer patient Senator Ted Kennedy think about the proposed health care changes? In his book, Daschle made the statement that instead of expecting medical treatment, senior citizens should accept the physical and medical changes that come with aging.

Right now, Medicare now pays for treatments deemed safe and effective. But on page 464 of the stimulus bill the new standard for Medicare would require application of a cost- effectiveness standard set by the Federal Council.

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