Sunday, February 1, 2009

Health care rationing is almost here

I am not surprised that Pelosi started the slippery slope of rationing health care in the infamous "stimulus package."

I regret the need to harp on this issue. But, everyone should read Tom Daschle's book "Critical" in order to really get where these yahoos are going.

Pelosi's "stimulus package" claims to "to create jobs, restore economic growth, and strengthen America's middle class." Oh, for pity sake. The "stimulus package" is really just a collection of giveaways and outlays for favored constituents and programs.

And, of course, Obama promised health care reform.

There is an entitlement mentality ("give it to me now") in our country. And this mentality has created the environment where (I fear) American citizens are actually going to allow law-makers to assume the role of health care decision maker.

It is as though we are selling our souls to the devil.

I fear that Americans' insistence of entitlement to affordable/free health care will cause Americans to accept a Federal Health Board and rationing of health care. Similarly, I fear that Americans are going to accept that (in order to receive this "free" health care) the medical decision making will need to be removed from the physicians and surgeons.

The current Pelosi stimulus package makes it clear that the law-makers are going to create the UK/NICE style federal medical board and mandated treatment plans.

This impending changes in our health care are nothing less than rationing of health care by a medical board instead of your own doctors. Ugggh. Am I talking to a wall? I feel like Alice in Wonderland and I am going to fall down a bunny hole.

The impending changes are not some chicken little, "the sky is falling" paranoia. The changes are apparent in the package's proposed spending on health care. Literally billions of dollars are earmarked for Medicaid and investments in centrally planned health information technology systems. But those are not the most insidious portions of Pelosi's bill.

The most sinister of the bill's line items is a relatively tiny $1.1 billion for "government-chartered comparative-effectiveness research." God help us. Please. If you are a patient, care for a patient or ever anticipate being or knowing a patient . . . be educated. Learn about what the Obama administration is planning to do to your ability to get health care.

Right now, I am the primary care-giver for an elderly dad with cancer and orthopedic issues. Dad is retired. Will it be "cost effective" under the Obama/Daschle plan for my father to receive health care? Probably not.

But under the Daschle plan, physicians should not waste money on mere "hope" (actually Daschle's word choice, not mine) that the patient will recover. Decisions about health care and treatment plans will be taken out of the hands of the physicians and surgeons and put directly in the hands of bureaucrats. (And we used to think that insurance companies making decisions was crazy.)

As I have said many times before, the federal government is priming us for the inevitability of a Federal Medical Board deciding your medical treatment plan. It started with the influx of "hospitalists."

When you go to the hospital, your personal and even admitting physician is blocked out. When an inpatient, you are under the "care" of a stranger doctor. Ahh haa. We all become accustomed to a stranger deciding our health care.

The hospitalist model is the first step in taking the emotion and "hope" out of medical care.

That should scare the crap out of us all.

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