Thursday, February 26, 2009

Don't let the bastards get you down

Our country is not friendly. I love America but I am continually shocked at the lack of decency in our society.

From physicians who harm patients to attorneys who are not advocates to corporations that I hope die a nature death in the recession (BH Management in Texas).

As I am struggling to obtain some degree of health insurance (thanks ICHIP) and hire people to pack and move my belongings out of the apartment that evicted me (despite the fact that they received every penny that I owed them!), I informed the apartment people and their attorney of the companies that would pack and move my stuff.

BH Management, Brookdale on the Park (Naperville, IL) and the "attorney" Drew Baker (Oak Brook, IL) still don't seem to get the fact that my dad cannot be left alone and I am doing everything with a telephone and computer from dad's room in NC.

I doubt that very many of the tenants actually hire a cleaning company when they move out. But I did. Since the move out is completed tomorrow (Friday), it was not reasonable to have people clean the apartment until Monday.

I thought I was being doggone responsible having the place cleaned after the insensitive way I was treated by BH Management. After being a compliant, monthly paying tenant for over 3 years and never being a problem fir the apartment complex, this company wanted me to leave my dad all alone (against medical advice) and have a bank cut a cashiers check for rent payment.

It took a few days for me to arrange someone to stay with dad. Was BH Management the least bit understanding? Nope. The returned the cashier's check to me and told me to move out. Is that crazy or what?

They hired a typical Illinois attorney. He never communicated with me. And he got a court order which he sent to a location where he knew I did not live. Attorney Drew Baker knew that I was with my dying dad. But this IMHO "bad person and attorney" (Drew Baker) sent the court order via regular mail to the wrong address.

Now back to BH Management and why you should never, ever rent an apartment from these guys, I let the apartment people know when the cleaning people would arrive and I got this return message:

Hi Cheryl,

The office of Brookdale on The Park opens at 8:30am. With whomever you
use for the maid service is there at anytime during business hours on
Monday, we will be ok with. We know and understand one (1) can not
control a contractor that has been hired. As of Tuesday, March 3, 2009,
Brookdale on The Park will be ordering the Sherriff for possession.
Should you have any questions, please let us know.

Carri White
Resident Services Coordinator
BH Management Services, Inc.
2626 Howell Street; Suite 865
Dallas, TX 75204
1-877-5CALL-BH (877-522-5524)
214.647.9144 fax
Can you believe that message? And that is after I am nice enough to intensely clean a place that kicked me out when they knew I was going through the trauma of care-giving for my dad.

Why would anyone pay rent (and receive no equity) for an apartment that will absolutely have no compassion for you should you have a serious family illness.

AVOID BH Management like the plague. If you are caring for an ill and elderly relative, you deserve much better. You deserve humanity.

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