Sunday, February 1, 2009

Congressmen think IRS tax code is too complicated

It is clearly time to scrap the entire IRS.

Members of Congress (Tom Daschle, Charles Rangles, Charles Shumer) cannot understand the IRS tax code and pay their taxes. And, even the current Treasury Secretary (Tim Geithner) cannot understand his tax obligation, relied on Turbo Tax and then even is confused by Turbo Tax.

If members of Congress do not understand the Tax Code and are given passes, then why are we as the general public expected to understand the IRS Tax Code.

I am so tired of hearing ads on television that warn the general public to monitor their credit report and get their credit ratings up. Good grief. Our law makers make a mockery of our country's "credit rating" and ignoring their personal tax obligations.

Meanwhile, I devote my life to caring for my sick dad and the federal government (and legal profession) treat me as though I am a burden on society. OMG. Crazy.

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