Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Caregiving when faced with unethical government (DOE)

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There are many levels of people in our country who have stopped being (in a word) ethical.

Perhaps some people with weak characters see others get away with being greedy and they feel they can do the same.

The most recent harassment I have received is from the United States Department of Education. I still owe a small amount of a student loan (magnified by penalties and interest). These people call me literally every day (at approximately 8:00 am) and ask me what I am going to do about the student loan.

I explain to the caller that I am the primary caregiver for a very sick dad. I explain that he needs 24/7 care and that since they lost a significant amount of money in the stock market, they cannot afford a home nurse. In my world, the family pulls together.

I explain (every day) to the DOE that I was offered a job with the United States Department of Homeland Security but I am waiting for security clearance to be completed. I have been waiting almost 4 years.

The DOE caller tells me (with a giggle in her voice) that she can prevent me from ever getting security clearance. Isn't that sweet?

The DOE caller also told me that if I had any character, I would put my father in a nursing home and get a real, paying job.

I truly, honestly hope that no elderly family member of these DOE callers ever gets sick. Those elderly family members would not be treated well.

I remind the DOE callers that although I have been (technically) disabled by orthopedic malpractice (thanks again, Dr. Chris Dangles at Carle Clinic in Urbana) and my own cancer, my family has never, ever taken a penny of federal assistance.

My family is strong. We pull together. That is what the American spirit and conservatism is all about.

Deep breath. Today is a good day for dad so far. I take him to Physical Therapy this afternoon. (I hope that is okay with the DOE).

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  1. First, allow me to say that you are strong and God will bless you for all that you do for you and yours.

    Secondly, I concur with your views.

    I too fear that Americans for the sake of "letting the government handle it" will only too joyfully tread down this dangerous, uncaring, dark, cold path of healthcare rationing.

    In so doing, doctor's will lose their voice in caring and saving lives;
    government will make life and death decisions which will be purely financially based.

    The rationing of healthcare is a death sentence to America.

    Americans must wake up and realize that the individuals making these decisions will not suffer the consequences. Their healthcare coverage supercedes our wildest dreams, therefore, they could care less.

    Americans must fight healthcare rationing. Obama's dream of healthcare reform must not be realized.

    It is said that Obama has a cool demeanor, yes he does, cool enough to allow Americans to die under his programs.