Thursday, February 5, 2009

Caregiving when caregiver cannot obtain medical care

Geez. I feel so badly when I my leg is injured and I cannot get dad to the doctors. He had two appointments today. But my leg (hey btw, thanks Carle Clinic's Dr. Chris Dangles and Duke's Dr. Alison Toth).

My lower leg is swollen and painful. I can barely weight bear. A dermatologist I saw suggested that I have a vascular doctor check the leg. There is so much nerve damage and metal in my leg. The dermatologist is a bit concerned that circulation is compromised.

I asked Duke Medical for a name of a vascular doctor to help me. Guess what --- Duke Medical ignores me.

Okay back to dad. He is getting stronger day to day. Even with my bad leg, I use dad's knee scooter to get him beverages and food.

Enough self pity. I just really understand what all of you that advocate through. And, please know that if the dopey Duke Medical community is so petty that they will not help my leg . . . it is cool with me. I will survive.

But, I won't back down on my advocacy for my father. Period. And I hope that I give some strength to other care-givers that there will be a time for their own health. First, let's care for the sickest among us.

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