Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Be wary who is "on deck" for Daschle & HHS

Do we really think that Daschle is going back to one of those Dakotas and start taking classes at the local community college to re-enter the regular work force? And goodness knows that Daschle's wife (a highly paid lobbyist) is unlikely to work in one of the Dakota's Walmarts!!!

Tom Daschle is only one of a large group of yahoos that are pushing for socialized medical care in the United States. I was unimpressed with the speed with which Obama allowed Daschle to back off. And then Obama seemed a bit too self-blaming.

I suspect that someone will become Secretary of HHS and then Daschle will become part of Obama's inner circle.

As Mark Styne as correctly remarked- Daschle's only worth is his Rolodex!

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