Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why push patients through the ED?

My dad cracked his head open on Thursday 1-15-09. The people at the Wake Med ED in Raleigh, NC placed 5 staples in dad's head and then told me to have someone at Duke Medical take the staples out.

My impression was that the Wake Med ED knew dad had current treating physicians and surgeons at Duke Medical. I believe that Wake Med ED figured that at least one of the treating Duke physicians and surgeons would want to see dad post head cracking. Then, that office could remove the staples.

Not an illogical thought on the part of Wake Med ED.

And so I checked with all of dad's treating Duke physicians and surgeons. No one would remove the staples.

I called 1-888-ASK-DUKE to find out what I should do. That lady did not know where to get the staples out. She paged the Duke General Surgeon on call. That guy told me to go to the Duke ED.

Ahhh . . . in a climate of "what are we going to do about rising health care costs," why the heck did my dad have to waste ED resources?

It took almost 2 hours. And an ED waiting room is a swell place for a man with a compromised immune system.

I cannot wait to see the Duke bill!

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