Saturday, January 24, 2009

To Duke & Wake Med: are you waiting for universal health care to euthanize old people?

Seriously, Duke Medical and Wake Med, are you waiting for universal health care to euthanize old people?

My dad (yup, the annoying cat in heat from the last post) had an ED visit at Wake Med in Raleigh, NC on Thursday January 15, 2009. I remain disappointed in the quality of care at Wake Med ED in Raleigh. We did not even get a phone call the day after the ED visit to check on dad's status. (Even Duke ED does that much!!)

Dad cracked his head open on a brick hearth. Five staples and a few hours later, Wake Med wheeled dad out to the car and into my loving and yet unqualified hands.

I was instructed by the giggling nurses at Wake Med to "have the staples removed in about 5 days." Wake Med did not schedule a follow up appointment to have the staples removed. Wake Med ED was not concerned that dad had a previous history of subdural hematomas.

Since dad is being treated at Duke Medical, I thought it would be best to have the staples removed at Duke. Silly me.

Despite my contacting dad's Duke oncologist's office and Duke Infectious Disease office for guidance,

1. Dad still has the head staples today (Saturday January 24, 2009.)
2. Dad is still experiencing panic attacks and fear of falling.
3. Dad still seems to have an infection in his left foot.

It is frustrating for me that Duke Medical and Wake Med physicians and ED personnel patch dad up, do not give me care instructions for wound management and do not monitor infections.

I am not sure how I am going to get the staples out of dad's head.

I am not sure how I am going to confirm that dad's foot infection is resolved. It frankly does not look resolved. But Duke Infectious Disease Medical Clinic Director Dr. Eric Stout kicked dad out of the clinic (I'm not sure why - Dr. Eric Stout must have had a bad day).

Dad's foot looks bad. But I have never been given instructions on wound management.

I guess I cannot blame dad for meewing like a kitty in heat sometimes.

I am starting to take post-graduate classes on health and medicine. Currently I am taking coding and terminology. I have not seen a class yet on staple removal or infectious disease control.

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