Sunday, January 4, 2009

Off to ED tomorrow

If anyone is reading this then please pray for my dad. He is very stressed. Not a real big deal from my perspective. But it is an ED visit tomorrow morning.

I was preparing to administer dad's antibiotic this evening (through his port-a-cath).

Step one is for me to examine the site of the needle to make sure there is no redness or swelling. Welp, there was no needle! Bummer.

The nurse in Infectious Disease put a super long tube on the needle. The needle is so long that when dad tucks his shirt into his pants, he risks pulling the tube and needle.

As with all "worse case scenarios," there is the possibility worse will happen.

Poor guy. I cannot imagine how it must have felt to have the needle pull out of the chest port.

I hope that I can convince the person who accesses the port to attach a shorter tube on the thing.

I had a choice between rushing dad to ED this evening. Then we could get this evening's antibiotic administered. But (1) I dislike panicking and rushing dad anywhere, and (2) my knee and ankle are badly swollen and I took Ultram. I really dislike driving a motor vehicle post pain medications (if even they are non-narcotic).

So first thing tomorrow morning dad and I will load up the Chrysler and head off to Durham and Duke ED. Emergency rooms are yucky.

Ahh, the Holiday season is officially over.

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