Tuesday, January 27, 2009

(IMHO) Chris Dangles, MD violates HIPPA - will it get worse under Obama?

Barack Obama keeps clamoring about the need to computerize our medical records. Why? What's the rush? And will our mental health records be included?

How are our HIPPA rights going to be protected if and when all of our health records are computerized and presumably on the Internet? How exactly does computerizing our medical records save money and reform health care.

Okay, I get that some doctors have really bad penmanship. But who is typing the notes onto the computer? The doctor?

News Alert: Errors occur with a keyboard.

My medical records are on the Internet. And it has caused me more harm than good.

(Of course, the medical records were put on the Internet by attorneys because I took psychiatric medications and the legal profession in Illinois believes that the general public should be "protected" from someone who took psychiatric drugs. But I digress. How did I get to the point where the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission would consider me a danger to the public? Read on))

After Carle Clinic Association orthopedic surgeon, Chris Dangles, MD began his repeated, unnecessary surgeries on me, I became depressed. In retrospect, I guess that should have been expected.

At the time that Dr. Dangles was performing the risiculous surgeries on me and causing me great pain, I was treated by a Carle Clinic Association psychiatrist James Whisenand, MD.

As I was in horrific pain and trying to manipulate on crutches throughout the treament with Dr. Chris Dangles, Dr. Whisenand continued to prescribe multiple psychiatric drugs for me. I was on anti-depressants, anti-convulsants, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotics.

Dr. Whisenand never asked me how the multiple surgeries were effecting me. Dr. Whisenand just could not get the "depression" under control and he could not understand why.

Of course the CCA psychiatrist (Dr. James Whisenand) would not ask me about the multiple surgeries by his fellow CCA orthopedic surgeon (Dr. Chris Dangles). The CCA psychiatrist (James Whisenand, MD)'s goal was to flat-line my emotion and keep me calm.

But, in fact, my inability to ambulate was in and of itself depressing, emotional and even frightening.

At the time Drs Dangles and Whisenand were doping me up and cutting my legs, I was trying to practice law. Not surprisingly, I had difficulty thinking (with all of the psych meds and the pain caused by the unnecessary surgeries.)

I physically could not hop on my crutches fast enough to get from courtroom 1 to courtroom 2 in a timely fashion. And I would get in trouble from the judges. Champaign County Circuit Court Judges actually reported me to the IARDC because I could not get to hearings on time.

We live in a culture that seeks out a pill to fix every ailment. For me, the emotions I was feeling were absolutely normal - I was scared and angry and in pain. Dr. James Whisenand's knee-jerk reaction to medicate me until I could not feel the negative emotions was just plain wrong. The only thing the medication did was to prevent me from functioning.

Oh but CCA orthopedic surgeon Chris Dangles, MD was thrilled that I was prescribed psych meds!

(1) Dr. Dangles blamed *me* for being non-compliant since I was a psych patient, and

(2) Dr. Dangles violated HIPPA regulations by publishing my mental health records to his medical malpractice defense attorneys. Dr. Dangles' argument was that I was a "nut" since I took all of the psych meds. Okay, Dr. Dangles. What came first? Yopur unnecessary surgeries or the psych meds? Hmmm.

Attorneys in state of Illinois are totally freaked by mental health issues.

My Illinois law license was actually suspended because during the period of time that I was being treated/injured by Dr. Chris Dangles and treated/injured by Dr. James Whisenand, I could not properly represent my clients. Good grief. Should that have surprised anyone?

My own attorney at the time (William Moran, III in Springfield, Illlinois) frankly treated me without respect. Attorney Moran would not allow me even mention the orthopedic surgeries because doing so would be "making excuses." I could only admit and say I was sorry that I took psych meds.

Since the IARDC and the Illinois Supreme Court were never allowed to know about the repeated orthopedic surgeries, those entities only knew that I had some unarticulated mental issue that caused me to be prescribed enormous amounts of psych meds.

As soon as I stopped treating with Dr. Dangles, I stopped being depressed. But the legacy of my short battle with "orthopedic malpractice induced depression" survives forever because:

(1) The Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission placed my mental health records on the Internet. (That just seems wrong.)

(2) (IMHO) Dr. Chris Dangles violated HIPPA by providing his defense attorneys with mental health records.


(1) Do not allow psychiatrist to treat you or a loved one with multiple psychiatric drugs UNLESS and UNTIL the treatment is simultaneously supplemented with behavioral talk therapy. Medications alone are just plain wrong.

(2) Recognize that undergoing unnecessary orthopedic surgeries (that continually) fail will (and should) make you angry and sad. Feeling those emotions is not a sign of illness and it certainly is not a character flaw. You simply feel abused and manipulated. Focus on the real source of the flood of emotions. Don't let anyone convince you that being angry at the orthopedic surgeon makes you crazy!

(3) Protect your HIPPA rights. Goodness knows that physicians' offices make us patients sign the HIPPA privacy rights notice. It is time that we demand that physicians do not violate those rights. In that regard, we should be concerned about the possibility that medical records will be computerized.

If in fact you believe that your HIPPA rights have been violated then you should contact the United States Office of Health and Human Services and file a complaint against the physician.

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