Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Have I mentioned that Brookdale on the Park, BH Management are (IMHO) mean?

Care-giving for a very sick, incapacitated and elderly parent is tough.

I think I have made that pretty clear.

(1) I have been waiting for some physician at Duke University Medical to tell me where to take dad to have staples removed. No response.

(2) I have been waiting for someone at Duke University Medical to help me with dad's infection. No response.

(3) And, of course, I have a bad leg. Yesterday, I fell again in a wet parking lot and injured myself. I cannot get Duke University orthopedics to help me (thanks Dr. Allison Toth and others). Care-giving when the care-giver is hurt is really tough.


One would think that there are people in a position to make life a bit easier for their customers who are facing such traumatic times. Landlords would be a perfect example of such a person who could demonstrate a modicum of human kindness. And potential renters should consider a "worse case scenario" when signing a lease and moving in.

BH Management and Brookdale on the Park are a great example (if I am any indication) of an apartment complex that will be absolutely unwilling to accept alternate payments when you are literally and medically required to remain with a ill family member. (Gee, I can even do a wire transfer to purchase an Apple computer but not rent to BH Management!!!)

As a care-giver of a sick family member or an elderly parent, you are duty bound to avoid businesses and even landlords that will not be compassionate of situations where you are ethically and medically bound to care 24/7 for a sick person.

Why do I insist that you are duty bound to avoid the likes of Brookdale on the Park and BH Management? Because your obligation is to be a care-giver and a patient advocate. If you are fiddling around with inconsiderate and disrespectful people then you are taking precious time and energy away from the sick patient that needs you. That is selfish and wrong. The patient deserves you time, love and energy. Especially in the final days of life.

But of course, during all of this, I have the (IMHO) "look at me, I have power and can unnecessarily ruin people's lives" attitude of Nicole Redpath of Brookdale on the Park Apartments in Naperville, Illinois.

After dad literally cracked his head open and forgot who his family was, I was able to sneak out of my 24/7 care of dad. Understandably, dad's wife (my mom) did not want to leave his side. (My elderly mom usually runs her self owned store so that there is a modicum of money in my parents' home.)

Okay, now, Nicole Redpath, you can have my undivided attention. I asked Nicole Redpath and, according to Redpath, BH Management's attorney (Attorney David Barhydt) for an accounting of how much I owe. No response.

Nicole Redpath had returned my previous forms of payment for the December 2008 rent back to me in NC. She wanted money orders. But, until dad cracked his head and deteriorated quickly, I could not get out of the house to get the money orders. I offered cash, wire transfer. But Nicole Redpath was unmoved and acted as though I was a terrible tenant that was running a meth lab outta the apartment.

Nicole Redpath wanted what she wanted. Okay. Fine.

I sent Nicole Redpath of BH Management more than 2 months (December and January) worth of money orders.

Now get this ---- Nicole Redpath waited 3 days and then returned all of the money orders to me. No kidding. Good grief.

Nicole Redpath said that she would accept no form of payment from me! No check, no cash, no money order, no wire transfer. Presumably not even crack cocaine!! What the heck is wrong with BH Management and Brookdale on the Park?

Oh I miss the Equity Corporation. I wanted to live at Brookdale Apartments in 2005 when Equity owned the complex. The management of Equity was fantastic. The place went way down hill when the Texas-based BH Management took over.

Since BH Management bought the property, the place is horrible!

Perhaps the problem is the fact that the BH management is based in Texas. There is no accountability for poor customer service. And news flash to renters --- you deserve descent customer service.

Nicole Redpath presumably on her own or at her direction gave my name to some private detective (who IMHO acted as a thug and goomer). Nice, Nicole Redpath. She knew (or reasonably should have known what I was going throuh with my very ill dad). The "thug" left phone messages indicating that he was at my place in Illinois trying to find me. Huh?

This "thug" left these horrible, intimidating messages on my cell phone. Hey guy, ask Nicole Redpath. She knows where I am ---- she returned all of the money orders that I sent to her back to me. She had my temporary address to do that! (Hmmm, starts to make me wonder whether Brookdale on the Park and BH Management failed to tell the detective where I live so that a false assertion could be made to a DuPage County judge that I was uncooperative. If true, that's not ethical.)

Dad is barely functioning. I am sitting in the room with him right now. I even feel a bit guilty worrying about Nicole Redpath's (IMHO) pettiness when my dad is so sick.

I contacted the DuPage County Circuit Clerk and told them that I planned to send the money I owe to Attorney David Barhydt. I wanted the DuPage County judge to know that I am ignoring no one. I am trying to pay in the method Nicole Redpath and BH Management wants. The judge absolutely deserves to know why I am in NC. I am trying to save my sick, elderly father's life.

I am ashamed of my profession (Attorney David Bardyht) and the human spirit in a town that I had called my hometown (Naperville, Illinois). I expected more. I expected human decency and respect for life. At a minimum, I expected an accounting of the amount the client asserted I owed.

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