Monday, January 5, 2009

Dr. Eric Stout (Medical Director of Duke ID Clinic) has bad day

First, dad is home and okay. But very stressed. I am sure this partly my fault.

I try extremely hard to be calm and not defensive when I go to Duke Medical. But it is getting hard. I keep remembering that I am doing it for dad.

1. Infectious Disease (ID) Fellow tells me to go to ED to have chest port accessed. Okay. If it what I should do.

But ID Clinic will change port needle w/o appointment since its Monday.

2. ED is *swamped*. No one knows dad's situation. No ED doc will talk to the ID Fellow.

OMG, is Duke ED not connected to Duke Clinic or Hospital. It seems like these are all separate entities.

3. After a few hours I decide to take dad to Duke Infectious Disease Clinic. I am supposed to inject antibiotics into dad's port-a-cath every 8 hours. I had already missed 2 doses at this point.

I do not want dad to lose his foot.

4. Arrive at Infectious Disease Clinic & the nurses put dad in tx room to access port. The nurse did not know what to do. She leaves room.

5. Infectious Disease nurse returns to the room where I sat with my dad. A doc is with her and he introduces himself as "I am the Medical Director of this clinic. You don't have an appointment & so you need to return to ED." By this time, dad has missed 3 doses of antibiotic medication.

6. After crying & panicking, I go to dad's oncologist to ask for help. My left knee and ankle were in horrible pain and swollen from pushing dad's wheelchair. I was having difficult walking myself and it would have been literally impossible for me to push dad back to the ED.

Thank goodness that within minutes, dad's port is accessed. Those Duke oncology nurses are so kind & gentle. They tell me to return whenever I need to.

7. Dad only has this infection b/c Duke Hospital ignored the infection during August 2008 admission.

8. Could it be that very few nurses know how to access ports?

9. Did Medical Director of Clinic 2J (Eric Stout, MD) have bad Christmas from Santa?

Did you guys forget to pray for dad?

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