Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Caregiving when you're injured

I need to get dad to physical therapy and, more importantly, his Duke orthopedic surgeon Tuesday January 20.

I live in Chicago and have lived in St. Louis and Cleveland. So, I am comfortable driving in snow and ice. The difficulty is walking and pushing dad in a wheelchair, I do not want my lame leg to put dad in a compromising and dangerous situation.

Well, snow and ice is exactly what is predicted for the Triangle, North Carolina area.

Despite needing to get dad to the surgeon, my knee and ankle are pretty blown. And, of course, when I am in a situation where my lame leg impacts my dad's medical care, I get a bit . . . frustrated and angry. cc performed unnecessary orthopedic surgery on me, destroyed the normal functioning of my leg.

2. I am also reminded that Duke University Sports Medicine's Alison Toth, M.D. literally refused to treat me (and presumably make my life more normal so that I can better care for my dad).

As far as I can discern, Dr. Toth dumped me as a patient because I asked her to explain why her Duke colleague (the anaesthesiologist Toth sent me to) warned me against Toth's recommended treatment (cutting the saphenous nerve). Nice. Professional. Patient first? Not so much.

I do not have an advocate for my own medical care. Orthopedic surgeons have not treated me very well. And, my lame condition effects my ability to care for my dad.

The fact that I do not have an advocate is precisely why I am trying to help the rest of you.

I hope there is no snow or ice tomorrow. It would make me sad to be physically unable to take my dad to the doctor. Dad deserves a stronger and less injured me!

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