Saturday, January 24, 2009

Caregiving when the patient annoys you like a kitty cat in heat

Let's all be honest. Patients can be irritating.

Whether you are caring for a six year old with a tummy ache or a seventy-five year old with just about everything, there are times when we as caregivers want to turn the patient's bedroom door knob around and lock the patient in his room with duct tape on his hands. Seriously. But that is probably not nice.

Caregiving my dad (when he annoys me by removing his leg brace in the middle of the night and then hollers at me for help) can be reminiscent of when I was in my 20s and baby-sitting a cute female kitty going through her first heat. Does it seem like I am going down an odd tangent? Stick with me.

The little kitty's name was "Lady." And while she was a pleasant enough cat and I fancy myself a cat-lover, her annoying early morning "heat meewing" was just too much for me.

After one meew too many, I opened my apartment door and put the kitty outside of my apartment. Oh, don't get all upset and pissed at me. My apartment led out to a hallway.

And, as if I somehow knew that years later, I would be challenged with the task of caring for a seventy-five year old man that mewws like a young female kitty in heat, I brought "Lady" back into my apartment.

Thank you "Lady" (wherever you are) for preparing me for caring for my sometimes annoying and non compliant dad.

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