Friday, January 23, 2009

Caregiving when landlords & their attorneys are (IMHO) "cruel"

As we devote out lives to care for our ill, elderly loved ones, the last thing we need is an uncivilized society. And we need to define these people for what they are.

We need to warn each other about these people.

Why warn about the likes of BH Management, Brookdale on the Park in Naperville, Illinois and Attorney David Barhydt? Because (IMHO) these people are not likely to be part of the caring, civilized society that is necessary if we are to focus on advocating for ill, elderly loved ones.

You pay a lot of money for rent. In my situation, BH Management demonstrated a colossal lack of consideration and empathy during the one month (yup, one month out of 3.5 years of tenancy) when my father was extremely reliant on me.

Your apartment complex should do more than cash your rent check and sign for a UPS package. Your apartment complex should give a hoot about you. Think about what they get from your enormous rent. You could have a mortgage (and perhaps been bailed out). You definitely would have some equity instead of loud neighbors and poorly maintained hallways.

I never, ever tried to get out of paying rent. I just needed some consideration during the month of December 2008 while my father was terribly ill. BH Management wanted me to obtain a cashiers check or money order. My problem was that dad required 24/7 care during the month of December. He had a serious infection, had lost a large portion of his foot. I was injecting medications into my dad's chemotherapy port every eight hours.

Many BH Management properties accept credit card payments. I asked if I could do that. I asked if I could wire the money. Nope. The people at Brookdale on the Park (specifically Nicole Redpath) just figured I could leave my very sick dad and run to the bank to get a money order.

That would have been very dangerous. In fact, the one time I left dad alone (to obtain the money order for Nicole Redpath), dad stood, lost his balance and cracked his head open. Blood everywhere, EMS, Fire Department, Emergency Department, 5 staples.

I have discussed my humble opinion that BH Management and specifically Brookdale on the Park in Naperville Illinois are perfect examples of how care-givers are confronted with "cruel," "mean" people.

I have been a resident of Brookdale Apartments in Naperville, Illinois, since August 2005. I was always the perfect tenant. no loud parties, paid rent in a timely fashion and even overlooked really bad service and maintenance (the actual window in my apartment fell out and it took days for it to be fixed.)

In late November 2008, my father was hospitalized for 3 weeks because the hospitalist at Duke University Hospital had ignored a serious infection during a 2 week hospitalization in August 2008.

I was (and still am) concerned whether my dad's foot would be amputated.

The December 2008 rent arrived at the doorstep of Brookdale Apartment (BH Management) on 12-05-2008. Rent is $1,170 and my check was $1,200.

Nicole Redpath, Carrie White and the rest of management at Brookdale Apartments (now Brookdale on the Park) in Naperville, Illinois, went crazy. They wanted additional money ($1.352.00) and I paid it without so much as an accounting being provided to me.

Nicole Redpath told me that she would not (absolutely would not) cash the rent check received on 12-05-08. Relying on Ms. Nicole Redpath's assurance, I moved money from that account and put the additional money ($1.353.00) together to get to Nicole Redpath ASAP.

Nicole Redpath rejected the $1,353.00 check from my employer and then (contrary to what she promised me), Nicole Redpath attempted to cash the initial $1,200.00 December rent check. What? Craziness.

I dutifully sent in the January 2009 rent check.

Nicole Redpath sent the January 2009 check back to me and demanded money orders for the $1,353 and $1,170 and $40 for the December rent check that did not clear (it did not clear because goofy Nicole Redpath told me she would not cash it!!)

You would think I was running a meth lab in the apartment for how Nicole Redpath and Carrie White have treated me.

I explained that December 2008 was a horrible month for me as my father was in need of 24/7 care. That fact went right over Nicole Redpath's enormous head.

So, the kind hearted people (opps, I mean Nicole Redpath) at Brookdale on the Park decides to evict me! What? They all know that IO am temporarily in NC caring for my very sick dad. (All I can figure is that Nicole Redpath's wants something out of my apartment because that place is never at 100% occupancy.)

I leave a voice mail for BH Management's Attorney David Barhydt on Friday 01-16-09 and asked what the exact amount was that I owed the Brookdale. I then faxed a letter to both Attorney David Barhydt and Brookdale's Nicole Redpath on Saturday 01-17-09. Again, I asked how much money would make me current.

Okay, as I mentioned previously, my dad fell on Thursday late afternoon 01-15-09 and crushed his head open. Dad did not know who I was. Dad did not know who mom was. Mom wanted to stay with him. Good news, Nicole Redpath, I can get that money order now!!!

But I could not get Attorney David Barhydt or BH Management's Nicole Redpath to tell me how much I owed.

I sent Brookdale on the Park a bank check for $1,751 and money orders totaling $900. A total of $2,651. Monthly rent is only $1,170 and 2 months (December and January) would be $2,340.

I presume that Brookdale on the Park took the $2,651 I sent to them. Nicole Redpath has not sent it back.

I still have not heard back from the dear people at Brookdale on the Park or even their attorney. I trust that the Attorney David Barhydt told the judge at any eviction hearing that I paid more than the rent and fees owed. I trust that Attorney David Barhydt explained to the judge that he never told me the amount I owed despite my contacts with that attorney.

Ironically, as I have written this warning post about BH Management and Nicole Redpath and Attorney David Barhydt --- dad fell down again & hit his head.

And there is a life lesson there. We, as caregivers, have to put the cruel, uncivilized people and events in prospective. Attorney David Barhydt and his client, BH Management, know in their hearts that I am a good person and a good tenant. They know that I am not a dead-beat.

And while I am temporarily in NC, making sure that my dad survives, Nicole Redpath and Attorney David Barhydt can split up all of the money I pay as rent. They can open my garage and apartment up and sell or steal all of my property.

Nothing. Not a damn thing at the apartment at Brookdale at the Park holds a candle to my dad's life and well-being.

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