Monday, December 29, 2008

Yippee - Medicare wants to stop fraud!!

One of my very favorite blogs is Wall Street Journal's Health Blog

The WSJ Health blog recently reported on Medicare's new policy of preventing fraud in the area of durable medical equipment! Is this something that CMS just realized was a problem? (I smell a bail-out!!)

The best part of the blog's Medicare versus fraud post has now become the comments section.

A reader (who seemed to be a physician) remarked that "Medicare pays for a lot of crap." And then described an "interesting situation" wherein he or she "felt obligated" to write a letter of medical necessity for an item that the physician was certain would not work for the patient --- a penis pump.

Of course the penis pump did not work. And the physician remarked that "Uncle Sam" paid the bill on the penis pump. An item that the physician knew was basically a scam product.

How is what the physician did by sending the claim to Medicare any less of a fraud on the Medicare system then our good friends Apria cheating Medicare by filing bogus claims?

At some point, "the medical care system" -- the government, physicians, DME suppliers must take responsibility for their actions that are contributing to increasing medical costs.

Medical costs are not rising simply because of the plaintiffs' bar. Problems exist within the medical system that must be addressed.

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