Monday, December 8, 2008

Stay in control of your doctors

Dad's non-Duke urologist (Dr. Brian Evans, Triangle Urology) gave me incredible strength and great advise.

Dr. Evans is a remarkable doctor. When he left Duke, dad wanted to follow him.

Dr. Evans has been the doctor to give me strength to demand urine cultures whenever dad has been catheterized.

Dr. Evans was the doctor to warn me about nursing homes and how they often cath for convenience and neglect to diagnose UTI in older men.

Dr. Brian Evans told me that sometimes the only presenting symptom of a UTI in an older man is mental confusion. And, if the UTI is untreated, the patient will likely suffer kidney trouble.

So, dad goes to Dr. Evans for recheck today. And he made the suggestion that I talk to the Duke orthopedic surgeon and tell the surgeon that I want dad's urologist to insert and remove the cath if one is necessary.

GREAT IDEA. Again, the important person is my dad. And, I thank God for the physicians that truly care about my dad.

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