Monday, November 10, 2008

Step back - advocate for refugees

God bless the refugees and keep them safe.

Bloggers Unite

I want to take a much needed break from advocating for the common garden variety medical patient.

I want to take a moment to call out for advocacy for refugees throughout the world.

We have all survived a dreadful election cycle. We are surviving craziness like a $700 B bailout of banks and, therefore, the practical naturalization of our banking systems and our economy.

Then there are those who have fled their home countries because they fear (actually physically, emotionally and mentally fear to the core of their soul) for their life, liberty or safety.

These brave refugees have no country to call home. They certainly have no political elections. They cannot comprehend the worries associated with credit card debt and mortgages. These human beings just want to survive and be safe with their families.

Refugees rarely get medical treatment (and therefore would not appreciate my frustration with the medical system). Refugees are often cold, hungry and scared.

Refugees aren't just in the Arab and African countries. There are refugees in South America, North America.

There are even refugees in the United States. They come here and then spend decades wondering about the health and safety of their families. They live with frustration and guilt that they are helpless to save their other family members. (Alas, out comprehensive immigration system).

Do something --- Pray, write Congressman, remind your neighbors, serve Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless in the United States.

Being a caring, loving and charitable citizen can become contagious.

God bless us all and especially those refugees throughout the world. God grant refugees the strength and peace to remain faithful until we can eventually get to them all.

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