Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vatican speaks to bad doctors

For the many surgeons and physicians who are full of ego and abandon their own patients (read: Dr. Chris Dangles and Dr. Mark Musselman of Carle Clinic and Dr. Alison Toth of Duke University Medical):

Medicine with a human face does not abandon patients. (10-23-2008)

Do not abandon the patient, on the contrary, learn to communicate with him, even when the treatment no longer holds out hope for a cure. This is the distinctive feature of medicine with a human face, Benedict XVI explained at the reception of the Italian Society of Surgery. Addressing the doctors, the Holy Father recommended respect for the autonomy of the patient, as well as proposing treatments that look to the true good of the patient, aware that the doctor's specific competence puts him in a better position to evaluate the situation". It is very important not to separate the therapeutic relationship from the rest of the patient's life, especially from his family, to prevent the further alienation that they almost inevitably suffer if entrusted to a highly technical treatment that lacks sufficient human sensitivity.

The Vatican would agree - - continue to ask questions of your doctors and continue to advocate for yourself and the less able to do so. It is the physicians who do not communicate and who abandon their patients that should be shameful.

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