Wednesday, October 8, 2008

State of Illinois continues to protect (the politically active) Dr. Chris Dangles

Oh the State of Illinois never ceases to amaze me. Nice fax huh? " . . . have a nice day." Very sincere, Jessica Pantoga. Good job at advocating for the injured patients. Good job protecting the citizens of Illinois.

And, the "five years" that Jessica Pantoga refers to was based on my statement to her that the IDFPR Investigator misstated the law. I presume that is why Ms. Pantoga states "Per your request, the statute of limitations is defined as 5 years from the date of the original incident."

What on Earth? The injured patients are able to request a specific period of limitations on the actions? Let's put my "request" (good grief) aside. The law defines the statute of limitations as ten (10) years.

And, Ms. Pantoga, we still have the issue of Dr. Dangles testifying under oath specifically that he does not know why I wanted the surgery. Dr. Dangles states under oath that I (the patient) talked him into performing the surgery. This begs the question of whether the surgery was necessary.

How can a surgery possibly be medically necessary if the patient actually talks the doctor into performing the procedure?

Why on Earth does the state of Illinois protect "bad doctors"? This simply cannot be the standard for physician discipline in this country.

We should all shutter to think how many bad acts and malpractice will be swept under the carpet if the delivery of medical care becomes mandated and universal. The people of the United States must recognize that Barack Obama wants to socialize our country. Obama focuses on the need for equality in our country. Obama wants to strengthen the middle class.

Obama is appealing to the general welfare and entitlement mentality in this country. Obama openly advocates a redistribution of wealth and deems it "fairness." Obama's vision of a socialist United States would be a bad change.

If the delivery of medical care moves towards a socialized system, then our country will just plain need more doctors to serve as "warm bodies." There is no indication from the Obama camp that disciplining bad doctors will be a priority.

Under an Obama administration, surgeons such as Chris Dangles, M.D. will continue to practice medicine and perform surgeries without oversight.

Despite the IDFPR's instruction that I "have a nice day," I am not turning the other cheek.

I am still waiting for and expecting the federal government to investigate and then "discipline" Dr. Chris Dangles.

Stay tuned . . .

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