Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Obama fans want to move back in with their parents.

Mr. Barack Obama promises many things to anyone who will listen. It all sounds very paternalistic. I watch with great discomfort the group of sign waving Obama fans hooting and hollering. I wonder whether those fans just miss the comfort of their parents' home.

One moment Obama is warning his fans that his administration (God help us) will have to tighten the spending.

Then, almost in the same breath, Obama promises his fans everything short of soda pop machines in every voter's home-room class. In other words, Obama sounds like a teenager running for class president.

But, voters are supposed to be at least age 18. I would hope that Obama fans were not so naive to really believe

(1) Obama can assume the role of our parents and protect us from life; and

(2) that our country would be better off if the government took care of us as though we were children

Obama actually said that he would make sure every child "from birth" would receive a "world class education." Huh? From birth? Really? That sounds precisely like what communist countries do -- take children from their parents. Communist leaders and Obama are under the false assumption that the government can do a better job raising children than the parents can do.

It scares the heck out of me that grown ups (voters) in this country want the government to take care of them. It saddens me that so many people lack the self respect to want to make it on their own - or even try and fail.

At some point a child must leave his or her parents' home and go out into the world. I wonder why so many voters seemingly want the government to parent them by providing them with food, water, housing, education, health care, etc. etc.

Are these people scared that they cannot make it on their own? Or do Obama fans really believe that our government owes its citizens a successful life?

I would prefer that these voters just skip the middle man and move back in with their parents.

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