Thursday, October 23, 2008

I was abandoned by Duke University women's team physician, Dr. Alison Toth

Just when I thought I had seen it all . . . Dr. Alison Toth (the team physician for Duke University's women's teams) abandoned me as a patient.

When oh when will I learn?

1. My dad is scheduled to return to the hospital on Sunday October 26, 2008.

The infection on his foot is still active. Dad was in the hospital for almost 3 weeks in August 2008, for that infection.

Duke University Hospital discharged my dad again without making sure the infection was resolved. Nice. It is a deja vu of last Fall 2007. Duke Hospital discharged my dad with an active infection. I begged them not to do it. Dad was re-admitted four (4) days later with pneumonia.

I believe that Medicare calls that a "never event" because it should never happen.

2. The Duke University surgeon (the Duke women sports team surgeon, Dr. Alison Toth) now refuses to perform surgery on my injured leg.

Dr. Alison Toth (orthopedic surgeon) told me that, among other things, she would clean the saphenous nerve and if necessary cut the nerve. Dr. Toth sent me to a Duke University anesthesiologist (Dr. Diane Scott) for a nerve block. Dr. Scott told me that a nerve should never be cut.

I asked Dr. Alison Toth and Dr. Diane Scott to speak to each other, resolve the difference of opinion and then let me know the plan.

I kid you not . . . Dr. Toth and Dr. Scott explicitly refused to talk to one another.

1.) Dr. Alison Toth and Dr. Diane Scott told me that they would prepare their charting note in the Duke University computer medical record system and any doctor that wanted to see the record could!!!

2.) Dr. Alison Toth was apparently so offended that I would ask her to communicate with another Duke physician (that she sent me to) about cutting a nerve that . . . oh, I can hardly believe it . . .

Dr. Alison Toth (team doctor for the Duke University women sports teams) had her office manager Jim Davis call me and tell me that Dr. Toth will not treat me. Aww c'mon doc, have the guts to call me yourself.

Jim Davis gave me no explanation. I guess Dr. Toth just abandoned me as a patient because I asked a question. Office Manager Jim Davis was very terse and inconsiderate.

Nice, huh? Great, quality level care me and my dad receive at Duke University Medical Center and Hospital today.

At some point, I will get a clue. I will stop giving Duke University repeated chances.

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