Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Advocate for health care - VOTE MCCAIN

If I hear Obama spew his socialist propaganda about changing the health care system much longer then I will need a doctor for a migraine. Good thing that I have descent health insurance!

Obama talks about the "rising costs" of medical care. Yet, the only cost that Obama mentions is the rising cost of health insurance premiums.

Get a clue Obama. The "problem" is not the high cost of health insurance premiums and HIPPA already addressed the issue of healthy insurance portability (and people with pre-exisiting conditions).

The factor that is causing medical costs to rise is the costs actually related to the specific medical procedures.

the free market, capitalistic system depends upon the costs being market driven. In the case of medical costs, the costs are not market driven. Rather, the costs are artificially created by the health insurance companies and the medical care providers.

Health insurance companies actually collude with medical care providers to "fix" the cost of the services. Those costs need to be examined and reigned in.

Like any cost association with a product or service, the cost of all medical procedures should be transparent, honest and market driven.

This is similar to the bizarre arrangement where the physicians can actually own the HMOs used by their patients. And, of course, Carle Clinic Association in Obama's home state of Illinois does just this.

Fixing medical costs is fundamentally contrary to the proper working of the free market system.

1. In the Carle Clinic model, the physicians own the Health Alliance Medical Programs (HAMP). The physicians are paid both as a function of the procedures performed and as a function of the money they save HAMP by avoiding diagnostic procedures (i.e. cost containment). This model screams out for a conflict of interest and price fixing.

2. Individual insurance companies negotiate with medical care providers and the two entities pre-determine the costs for each service. Within the same medical care facility, the costs vary as a function of the patient's insurance company.

The insurance should simply STOP contracting with individual medical care facilities. The costs for an x-ray should not be determined by the negotiating skills of the insurance company and medical care provider. The cost of an x-ray should be a transparent, honest and market driven price.

Sure, there can be a dozen different prices for that identical x-ray, depending on the insurance company payor. But what about the uninsured? The goofy medical care providers actually charge those vulnerable individuals the highest rate for services.

What sense does that make?

Obama's dream of a single payor medical care system:

Now back to Obama and how how is plan changes (for the worst) our medical care system. Obama wants a single payor system. The single payor would be the Federal Government. Bad idea.

Our federal government is replete with some very nice people. But there is no profit motive associated with federal government operations. That being said, the federal government does not know how to run a business. (We should cringe at the thought of the federal government now has major ownership of large banks in this country.)

Obama's dream of protecting bad doctors and ignoring injured patients:

Obama is very proud of his vote for tort reform. That vote speaks loudly and equally "noisy" are what the issues that Obama rejects.

1. Obama has said zero about requiring medical costs to be market-driven;

2. Obama has said zero about disciplining bad doctors to keep medical costs low;

3. Obama generally believes that injured patients who want to sue their bad doctor are greedy and Obama believes the medical malpractice claims are frivolous.

Remember that the American Medical Association and the Illinois State Medical Society are LOBBYING ORGANIZATIONS that have contributed a lot of money to Obama.

Sadly, injured patients cannot match the AMA's lobbying dollars. Money speaks loudly for Obama.

We need to get our country back.

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