Saturday, September 13, 2008

Report: Physician discipline system is flawed in Illinois

Christopher Wills (Chicago Sun Times) wrote an article in August 2006 exposing the fact that the physician discipline system is flawed in Illinois. In that article, Wills reported

An audit has found serious problems in the way Illinois handles doctors accused of possible misconduct, from investigations being closed improperly to sloppy paperwork to a lack of public information.

Auditor General William Holland reported Tuesday that the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation is supposed to investigate accusations of misconduct. But some accusations were shelved by the staff who took the complaints, while others were sent to investigators but were closed without approval from the department's disciplinary board.

Auditors say 15 percent of cases were closed without evidence the disciplinary board had signed off.

Has anything happened to rectify this situation? No wonder the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) strongly adheres to a four year statute of limitations on physician discipline. (I was told by IDFPR that Dr. Chris Dangles' testimony about his medical care and treatment of me was "of concern" but there could be no discipline because the four year statute of limitations had passed).

Didn't the Illinois Medical Malpractice Law of 2005 establish a Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board? Where is Illinois on that? (Illinois has established competition with malpractice insurance companies and the constitutionality of the cap on NED is currently before the Illinois Supreme Court).

We know who is protecting the physicians in Illinois. Who is protecting the patients?

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