Saturday, September 20, 2008

Huffington Post unfairly attacks McCain

Go get em, John McCain!!

Enough of the rumors on what McCain advocates and does not advocate in terms of health care.

Straight talk on health care reform:

This posting is my response to a statement on the Huffington Post! (God help me.) The original post suggested that McCain was going to destroy the health care system.

McCain-Palin's ideas to address the issue of raising health care costs are far superior to Obama's socialist ideology.

Here is what I wrote in response:

I am an Illinois resident. Obama was part of the group that put together ICHIP for adults who cant obtain health ins (ie no group coverage & preexisting). ICHIP is a state program but is administered through BCBS. The cost is high (I pay premiums at about $12000/year) and benefits are low (ICHIP/BCBS would not even cover the cost of a wig or "cranial prostetic" after I lost my hair to chemotherapy -- a wig was only for cosmetic purposes. Huh?)

The Problem with health care system is costs are too high. Universal health care won't help in this regard.

Insurance companies contract with medical care providers for each service. For example: a foot x-ray has different charges - depending on whether the patient is Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance or personal pay (uninsured).

In Illinois, it is well known that insured persons pay 2-3 times more for a particular service that those with insurance. That makes absolutely no sense.

If there were honesty/transparency in health care costs then insurance companies would not be able to collude and fix health care prices.

I hear about how some people are forced to file bankruptcy based on high medical bills. This makes no sense to me. Recall that medical care providers are charging different prices for same service. When the medical care provider sues the patient for payment, there is supposed to be proof in court that the medical charge is "reasonable/customary"! If one foot x-ray has ten prices then by definition the cost is not "reasonable/customary."

Universal health care is just plain a bad idea in the United States. Under a universal health plan, doctors will earn less pay. This is likely to lead to the best and the brightest doctors choosing research fields over clinical practices. The patients will be the ultimate losers because we benefit from research findings meeting clinic real-life, as in university research hospitals.

The United States government has proven that it should have zero to do with health care. The United States' current universal health care (Medicare) has failed. Medicare has been mismanaged throughout both republican and democrat executive administrations & legislatures.

Administrative costs are low in Medicare and this breeds fraud. A perfect example is Medicare's decision to continue its contractual relationship with known fraudulent durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers. DME supplier Apria has been investigated and fined for fraud routinely. And, Medicare continues the contract with Apria. What sense does that make?

The United States' medical and health care system is the best in the world. Period. There is no reason to switch to universal health care and risk losing great doctors and medical advances.

There are reasonable ways to reduce health care costs while at the same time ensuring the high standards that we deserve.

1. Demand honesty and transparency in health care costs. Stop the fleecing of the system by health care insurance companies and drug companies.

2. Demand that bad doctors be disciplined. The AMA intimidates treating physicians into not testifying against bad physicians by deeming such testimony as "practicing medicine."

3. Demand transparency by lobbying organizations such as the AMA, AARP, state medical societies.
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