Friday, September 19, 2008

"Bad doctors" are committing criminal health care fraud

Tort reform? Sky high health care costs? Patients are not helpless. If the medical profession won't do it then patients are obligated to weed out the "bad doctors."

"Bad doctors" do more than hurt one patient at a time. "Bad doctors" hurt the entire health care system. And if the physicians own their own HMO (read: Carle Clinic Association & Health Alliance Medical Plans in Illinois) then the potential for clinical judgment to be based upon $$ rather than medical need is apparent.

Although it seems drastic, if a surgeon performs unnecessary surgery on a patient, it is abuse and fraud.
It is beyond medical negligence.

We as patients can demand better of our medical professionals. We can demand that the physicians "do no harm." And we can do that even though the AMA intimidates treating physicians from testifying against defendant doctors.

The FBI considers health care fraud a high priority!

If you suspect Health Care Fraud, don’t turn a blind-eye. If fraud and abuse are suspected, you have an affirmative-duty to engage in those activities likely to aid in the prevention of fraudulent schemes that result in the unnecessary expenditure of precious health care dollars.

Together, we can send a strong and clear message that we, as citizens, are here to assist in the prevention, detection, and prosecution of health care fraud and abuse.

If we as patients do not demand accountability by medical professionals (especially surgeons) then we demonstrate our own lack of self respect. In addition, every doctor who is allowed to continue treating vulnerable and trusting patients unchecked is an absolute danger to the public.

As our population continues to age, we must make certain that all doctors are acting with reasonable clinical judgment. Otherwise, the aged patients are at risk of being subjected to unnecessary and invasive medical procedures. This is unacceptable.

Fewer "bad doctors" = fewer med malpractice cases and lower health care costs

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