Monday, August 4, 2008

Doctors' White Wall of Silence

Apparently there is another reason that injured patients cannot find physicians (even their own treating physicians) to assist them in bringing a "bad doctor" to account. No support from the patient’s physician to assist means no medical expert to support a claim against a “bad doctor.” That means no medical malpractice case.

Hey . . . pretty convenient for “bad doctors” who have no concern about being disciplined. In fact, it is almost akin to the old style “mob protection.”

Hospital Lawyers Gag Doctors. What?

"Do as I say . . . not as I do!"

A common provision of a hospital Code of Conduct policy mandates that physicians shall not complain about any quality of care or patient safety concerns to outside agencies. The Code of Conduct, as unilaterally promulgated by some hospital administrations, actively discourages compliance with issues of safety and quality of care.

Strengthening the hospitals position of control by creating a unilaterally promulgated Code of Conduct standard necessarily has the effect of harming quality of care and patient safety in hospitals, particularly since physicians are frequently in the best position to not only detect, but also to remedy said issues pertaining to safety and quality. Hospitals, however, are more interested in control and financial benefit than true open dialogue as to improving quality of care.

White Wall of Silence. If no system disciplines the "bad doctors" and injured patients cannot rely upon the conscience of even their own treating doctors to testify in court, then two things happen . . .

1. "bad doctors" continue endangering public and patient safety; and
2. injured patients have no recourse against the actual wrongdoer ("bad doctor") and, therefore, the injured patient is more likely to utilize the public welfare system.

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