Thursday, July 17, 2008

Patient Safety and Advocacy - GET INVOLVED

Yes, I meant to shout!!

There are several organizations that exist to advocate for patient safety and they need a "shout out."

One such organization is the Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare (News, Science, Research, Opinion). Check them out:

Kutos to PSQH. The organization is admirable and the website is informative and thought provoking. The organization promotes the implementation of "Sorry Works" initiatives where physicians actually say "I'm sorry" to patients (and their families) who experience adverse outcomes.

Best line: "Does being a doctor mean never having to say you're sorry?"

Another terrific organization is National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF) ("The Patient's Voice Since 1996). This is a phenomenal group where all of us can be involved in the "Advocates Network."

One of my personal favorites is Patient Advocate Foundation (PAF). They provide terrific resources and, again, the opportunity to donate and volunteer.

Don't just "talk the talk" -- have the courage and commitment to "walk the walk" and make a difference in your own small part of the world.

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