Thursday, July 31, 2008

Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation - Huh?

Okay, I have said there is *no* discipline of doctors in Illinois. And, while that is practically accurate, there is a state agency that is entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the public from "bad doctors."

Actually, the Illinois state agency that is suppose to protect Illinois patient patients from "bad doctors" is a mega agency. (Contrast that mega agency with the dedicated agency that "protects" the Illinois public from "bad attorneys" in Illinois - the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Agency, ARDC).

In 2004, the four legacy agencies that are now the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation were consolidated by executive order of Governor Rod R. Blagojevich. The Department now licenses, examines, and oversees one in ten Illinois professionals and thousands of financial, insurance and other regulated businesses.

IDFPR has streamlined licensing, improved turn around time and strengthened the State’s ability to oversee licensees engaged in unlawful activities. Reforming the way the Illinois licenses and supervises the financial institutions, realtors, insurance industry and more than a million professionals ranging from physician to accountant saves the state almost $10 million every year (from the IDFPR website

Oh please. The Governor claims that he has been tough on "bad doctors." How exactly did Rod do that? By creating a mega agency (IDFPR) and saving $10 million every year? How many investigators are assigned to "bad doctor" complaints?

Remember that the only substantive agency that has been proposed by the Illinois General Assembly is contained in the medical malpractice reform act (current before the Illinois Supreme Court) on the constitutionality of the issue of NED caps. Moreover the creation of the Medical Disciplinary Board has a self expiration date that has already passed!

Why must we wait for NED caps to have a Medical Disciplinary Board in Illinois. What is the rational nexus? Seems likes apples and oranges to me . . .

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